Volume-3 | Issue-4: Sharing great resources and literature to understand Ukraine beyond war.

August 2022

Volume-3 | Issue-3: We see how one can make some space for exploring liberal arts.

January 2022

Volume-3 | Issue-2: We explore the emotions, themes and psychology behind the idea of being a martyr
Volume-3 | Issue-1: Leaving one's country for studying, work or national instability brings in new opportunities and challenges

December 2021

Volume-2 | Issue-38: Combating corruption with literature this International Anti-Corruption Day 2021

October 2021

Volume-2 | Issue-37: Exploring letter-writing across various themes this World post Day 2021
Volume-2 | Issue-36: Understanding the role of translation in perceiving the world

September 2021

Volume 2, Issue 35
Volume 2, Issue 34
Volume 2, Issue-33
Vol-2, Issue-32

August 2021

Vol-2, Issue-31